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FRUTAFORMAS® is synonymous of Premium Dried Fruit - 100 % Natural.

Based in the West of Portugal, since 2012 we transform Portuguese Fruit in different and traditional products.

We are passionate about health and nutrition. So our products are 100 % fruit, no gluten, no additives, that make us an excellent choice for occasions and celebration moments.















Conflitos de consumo

De acordo com a Lei nº 144/2015 informamos que em caso de litígio, os senhores consumidores podem recorrer ao CNIACC - Centro Nacional de Informação e Arbitragem de Conflitos de Consumo ou aceder a este site oficial e expor a sua contestação.








Fruit 100% Natural
Health and Nutrition are our main drivers. We process high quality, genuine Portuguese fruit into a distinctive and traditional product. With a constant concern in keeping the best flavour and nutritional value from fruit, we assume these products as a commitment towards a better nutrition. That’s why you can trust in us. Now and forever.


Dehydrated fruit: a tradition of generations
The concept of food dehydration (removing water from food) dates back millennia. Considered as the oldest form of preserving food, already at the time of the Roman Empire this type of meal was used as a form of assuring nutrients to the troops in campaign, contributing to the physical robustness of the soldiers. In the West of Portugal, a fruit-growing region by excellence, this form of preservation represents the accumulated know-how of countless generations. This is also where, in the 21st century, FrutaFormas® is born ̧ a company specialized in the dehydration of fruits.


Rich in fibers
RUTAFORMAS are high rich in fiber and nutrients. The only thing taken out of the fruit is water. No additives, no preservatives. That means no added sugar, no oil, no sulphur. Less water equals more flavor and a satisfying that both kids and adults love. It's truly nature's ultimate snack food, and comes in a convenient resealable bag that's great for kids lunches, hiking, school, work, or any in-between meal snack on-the-go. You can also add them to yogurt, or ice cream.


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