gosto de tiFruit Hearts

“Corações de Fruta” are delicious pieces of fruit (100% Natural) in the shape of a heart. Fall in love with the soft texture of our fruit, confirming the nutritional richness and flavor of the best portuguese apples and pears. The theme phrase* on the pack and the appearance of “Corações de Fruta” confirm the elegance and affection of this gift, original and healthy, ideal to share with the one you love.


FF collection


Frutaformas Collection

“Collections” is a combination of the four original flavors of FRUTAFORMAS® (Croca®Maçã, Croca®Pera Rocha, Delícias de Pera e Delícias de Maçã). With their distinct textures, the common features of the fruits in the assortment are the nutritional richness and higher fiber.






frutinhas pera semfundo


Pear Fruit Shapes

A new fruit concept for children, fun, healthy and 100% natural, with a gift inside! Does children will share the “Frutinhas” with their friends?

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