lingotes perarocha


Rocha Pear Ingots

The “Lingotes de Pera” are delicious pear bars with pieces of Pera Rocha. Wrapped in gold paper, inside, the texture of the fruit is soft and delicate. The presenttation reinforces the Premium concept. Being 100% Natural and Rich in Fiber, the sweet taste of Pear is presented in an elegant shape. It is the ideal gift to give or surprise your guests.


lingotes perarocha&limao


Rocha Pear & Lemon Ingots

To the genuine and sweet flavor of Pera Rocha we simply added the intensity and freshness of the Lemon. This unique combination results in an incomparable Ingot! Sweet and fresh, completely irresistible.



lingotes perarocha&ginja


Rocha Pear & Cherry Liquor Ingots

Rocha Pear and Mariquinhas Liquor tradicional flavours combined into a deliciously irresistible ingot, wrapped in a delicate cherry silver. Ideal for those special moments!



lingotes maca&canela


Lingotes de Maçã & Canela

Juntámos a leveza da maçã desidratada ao sabor marcante e intenso da canela. A este concentrado, envolvemos uma prata avermelhada e o resultado é um Lingote absolutamente delicioso e requintado.



lingotes ananas


Pineapple Ingots

We put together the lightness of a dehydrated apple to the intense flavor of cinnamon. To this concentrated, we cover it with a reddish silver, the result is refined and absolutely delicious Ingot.





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